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The Strawberry season is now finished for 2024, thank you to everyone who came to pick. 

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Our strawberry picking season generally starts in June each year and depending on the weather last for 2 weeks (if there are any left). We operate a pick your own policy, so you can enjoy hunting for the ripest fruits. Collect your punnet from the PYO store and pay for your fruit on exit. 

Image by Elena Kloppenburg


Sunflowers are not available for 2024

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With their vibrant yellow petals and strikingly large, disk-shaped heads, Sunflowers are emblematic of warmth and vitality in nature. These magnificent flowers, scientifically known as Helianthus annuus, have an innate ability to turn their faces towards the sun, tracking its movement across the sky. These beautiful flowers will brighten up any room, so come and pick a bunch for yourself or give them as a gift to someone special.

The Strawberry season 2024 is now finished!
Thank you to everyone who came and picked 

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